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Apples fuji

Characteristics, description of the Fuji variety

Apples Fuji is referred to the winter variety of apples. Cleaning takes place in the middle of autumn. In November, ruddy fruits of apples gain juice and taste.
Apple trees are late, for winter consumption, varieties bloom late - in May, therefore during flowering rarely suffer from recurrent frosts. The binding of fruit is high, it depends little on weather conditions.

The trunk and branches of the apple tree are covered with a slightly wrinkled bark of light brown color with a slight gray tinge. Young shoots are painted brighter, the bark on them is smooth, shiny, the lenticine is small. Leaves oval or lanceolate-oval with a sharp tip. On the young leaves noticeably pubescence.

Characteristics of the fetus

The Fuji variety was withdrawn in Japan in the middle of the last century and is still in trend. He is in the top 10 of the best in the world.
Apples are large, weight - up to 250 g. They differ in good form: smooth, rounded-oblong.
Bright, original color: yellow with pink or red blush. Cream of cream color, fragrant, moderately juicy, has a rich sweet-sour or sweet taste.
The taste of apples during storage changes. Freshly picked fruits - sweet and sour, a month later comes their consumer ripeness, which is characterized by the absence of excess acid in taste. Fruits are stored and transported well, this explains their commercial value.
The variety is characterized by the periodicity of fruiting, if it does not carry out the normalization of yield, it fructifies in a year. Fruits are universal: they eat fresh, bake, prepare from them a filling for pies.
The variety has weak immunity to bacterial infections, is affected by scab, suffers from aphids. Grow a healthy tree can be using modern drugs and ancient folk recipes to combat pests that damage fruit trees.

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