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Apples gloster

Characteristics, description of the variety Gloucester

The Gloucester variety was bred in Germany in 1951 when crossed by Richard Delicious and Glockenapfel. This variety is popular in Western Europe and is grown in different climatic zones.
Gloucester apples are winter-hardy, with spring frosts young buds can freeze.
The Gloucester variety is late-ripening, high-yielding. Apple tree on average yields fruit for the third - fourth year. With the stock for a dwarf tree, the harvest is removed after three years, with the grafting on the middle layer of the tree - after four. The yield increases every year. A ten-year tree gives the maximum volume of apples in seventy kilograms.
Harvesting is carried out at the end of September. Full ripening of apples comes in January.
Fruit storage - 8 months in a cool place.
The height of the tree is 2.5 meters, the diameter of the crown is 3 meters.

Characteristics of the fetus

The weight of the fruits of the Gloucester apples reaches 200 grams. Apples are round-conical in shape, with pronounced ribs from above. The length and thickness of the peduncle is medium. Seeds of medium size, oval. Under the skin, light subcutaneous points are visible. The main color of the fruit is yellow, the integumentary color is crimson-red. When fully ripe, the main color becomes crimson-red. The skin is smooth, dense, shiny. The pulp is juicy, tender, sour-sweet, medium-density. During the harvest, the flesh is light green, when stored, it becomes light cream.

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