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Apples idared

Characteristics, description of the grade Idared

n 1935 in the state of Idaho, USA, while crossing the popular varieties Wagner and Jonathan, a new variety called Idared appeared. For decades the variety has adapted to European conditions and today it can be found in different countries of the world.
The Aidared variety is late-winter, high-yielding, characterized by annual fruit bearing. The first crop with a mid-height rootstock is removed after 5-6 years after planting the tree. The fruit is harvested from the end of September until the first frost.
The variety is characterized by mixed fruiting. Fruits are located at an equal distance from each other and form bunches. When ripe, apples do not crumble and hang until the first frost.
A young tree gives about 30 kilograms of apples. An apple tree of 13 years gives about 90 kilograms of fruits.
The shelf life of the fruits of Idared is about six months.
Apple tree in adulthood in height reaches 3-5 meters (depending on the trimming, rootstock). The crown is wide, spherical or oval, leafy. The trunk is large, powerful. The leaves are dark green, medium in size, elongated, the tip is pointed, the edges are wavy, sometimes twisted clockwise.
Flowering in the tree occurs in April - early May. Due to late frost, flowers can be frozen, which leads to a decrease in yield. Flowers are light pink, broad, saucer-shaped, collected in thyroid inflorescences.

Fetus Characteristics

The weight of apples Idared is 140-190 grams. The shape is round, some fruits have a slight ribbing. The saucer is medium in size, deepened. The calyx is completely closed and small. The tube under the calyx is cylindrical, wide. The small heart. The palisade is of medium size.
The main color of the fruit is pale green, the covering color is crimson or dark-carmine. Covering color takes up most of the apple and forms strokes and stains. The skin is smooth, thin, covered with a gray waxy coating. There are few subcutaneous points, they are large. The fragrance is weak.
The pulp is cream colored, only the collected apples are firm, dense, juicy. Fruits are juicy, sourish-sweet, dessert. Despite its sweetness, apples have a low calorie content.
100 grams of fruits contain 47 calories.

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