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Apples jonagold

Jonagold Grade Characteristics and description

Grade Jonagold - was bred in 1943 by crossing the varieties of Jonathan and Golden Delicious.
Skeletal branches extend from the trunk at a wide angle. The excitability of the kidneys is more than average, the shoot-forming ability is average. Fruiting on the rings, fruit twigs and annual growth.
Winter hardiness is below average. Resistance against scab average, against powdery mildew - low.
Flowering and fruiting. Blossoms in the medium term. Triploid. Fruit tying from free pollination is 9-21%. The best pollinators: Idared, Gloucester, Jonathan, Elstar, Cox Orange Pepin, Champion.
Rapid, in fruiting enters the third year after planting. In the conditions of Kyiv region the yield of five-, seven-year-old trees is 10-15, 10-12 years old - 40-55 kg of fruit.

Fetus Characteristics

The fruit of Jonagold is above average. The weight of an apple is 160-170 grams.
The shape of the fetus is one-dimensional, rounded, greenish-yellow, with an orange-red blurry-striped rather bright blush on 2/3 of the surface. Skin of medium thickness, dense, elastic, smooth and shiny. Flesh is yellow, dense, juicy, excellent, very harmonious sweet and sour taste.
Maturation and keeping quality. Removable ripeness comes at the end of September, consumer ripeness comes in January. In the vault the fruits remain until January-February, in the refrigerator - until April. Transportability is high.
Usage: fresh, for making vintage juices, dry powders
Notes: in the quarter place necessarily next to 2-3 of the best pollinators.

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