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Apples simirenko

Characteristics and description of Simirenko Variety 

Sort of Simirenko (Semerenko, Semirenko, Simirenko) appeared at the beginning of the last century. This variety of apples has the full name - Renet Platon Semerenko. He received his name thanks to LP Semirenko, who introduced him into the catalog, describing it in detail.
The late-ripening variety Semerenko is a high-yielding, partially self-fertile variety of apples.
Active fructification occurs in the fifth year after planting in the soil. When planting an apple tree on a dwarf rootstock, the first crop is removed for a third year. Harvest disappeared in late September - October. Apple tree aged 8 years gives about 15 kilograms of fruit. From the tenth year of growth, the yield sharply increases to 100 kilograms.
Up to 12-15 years, the tree yields an annual harvest.
Trees are medium-sized. The crone is dense, sprawling, round or cauliform. The bark on the trunk, branches of a dark gray with a brown tint, with a sunny side slightly reddish.
The leaves are light green, slightly shiny, elongated-oval in shape, with small notches at the ends, the tip is twisted. Flowers are white, large, fluffy, saucer-shaped.

Fetus Characteristics

Weight of apples Simirenko - 150-200 grams.
The shape of the fruit is flattened, rounded, asymmetrical. Color - bright green or light green. When stored, the color of the fruit becomes yellow. With late collection of fruits on one side appears crimson hue. Under the skin, subcutaneous points with a diameter of 2-5 millimeters are noticeable.
The taste is sweet and sour, gentle. Pulp is snow-white or slightly greenish, fine-grained, juicy. The aroma is pleasant, typical of apples.
When stored in a cold place, the fruit lasts about 6-8 months. In spring, the skin on the fruits becomes yellow, and the flesh is more friable.
Fruits are also low-calorie. In 100 grams of apples contains 37.3 kcal.

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