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Candied Fruits


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Vegetable MIX

The prices are imposed at the ports of Odesa and UAE

Our Values


♦ We take care of our customers. While creating the product, we think about our main question: “How can we save all useful elements for human’s health in sweets?”. We also wanted to attract customers with our unusual and exclusive creation. That’s why our sweets are made from vegetables, but their taste does not differ from well-known to everyone candies.

♦Quality and availability. We use the latest equipment, the latest production technology and age-old recipe. It helps to preserve all vitamins and minerals in our candied vegetables like in fresh ones. The reasonable price makes the product available to everyone.


Our Product


♦ Candied vegetables are natural sweets. Producing it we DON’T use fats, dyes, preservatives, flavors and amplifiers of taste. It is made of vegetables, lemon juice and sugar.

♦ The product has a lot of fiber in it. And we preserve it during the producing. As you know, the fiber helps our digestion and also relieves body from harmful substances. And the vitamins strengthen our immune system and provide energy for the whole day.

♦ And the main thing is that vegetables have never been so tasty!




♦ Candied pumpkin «GARBUZ». Ingredients: pumpkin, lemon juice, sugar. Weight 125g.

♦ Candied carrot «MORKVA». Ingredients:carrot, lemon juice, sugar. Weight 125g.

♦ Candied vegetables «VEGETABLE MIX». Ingredients: pumpkin, carrot, beet, zucchini, celery, lemon juice, sugar. Weight 125g.


Our consumers


Our consumers are mothers, fathers, grandmothers, granddads, children and grandchildren. And also active young people and sportsmen who like delicious and wholesome sweets!  

Candied vegetables TM «VitaminOKing» consumers buy :

To provide energy and positive for all day ;

To eat healthy and tasty foods;

To increase the tonus of the immune system;

In order to enjoy the incredible sweets!

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