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Sunflower oil unrefined (press) freeze dried

Unrefined (pressed) sunflower oil is freeze-dried of the highest grade, with the preservation of all the taste qualities of oil and vitamins. Suitable for roasting, salad dressing.
Sunflower oil refined deodorized has the following parameters:

Transparency - transparent without siege
The smell and taste - it corresponds to sunflower oil
The color number is 10 mg of iodine
The acid number is 1.94 mg KOH / g
Mass fraction of moisture and volatile substances - 0,11%
Mass fraction of phosphorus-containing substances in terms of stearoyoleoletsitin - 0.1%
Mass fraction of non-fatty admixtures - 0.05%
Soap (qualitative sample) - missing
Degree of transparency - 5 fem
Peroxide number - 2.67 1/2 O mmol / kg
The mineral oil content is absent
Wax and waxy substances are absent
Shelf life - 4 months. (packed) and 3 months. (bottling)
Without GMOs, complies with DSTU 4492: 2005

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